Feb 17

Week Six (and Eight) Assignments

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  1. The end of the world in 30minutes. | Stacy's Blog

    […] continuing on for this assignment and from my previous post we had do to another 25 minutes over break. My group and I split up the […]

  2. Week Nine Assignments » DIGstoUMW

    […] Complete and turn in your final 30-minute radio assignment by midnight on 3/11. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE FILE NAMING CONVENTIONS ON THE ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT!! […]

  3. The Fish Wrapper

    […] idea of us making our own radio show is a cool one but I have a problem with this assignment. . .We were given a week to come up with […]

  4. Our Radio Show | Stacy's Blog

    […] for this assignment a group of us are suppose to make a radio show. And our first bit is to come up with a 5minute […]

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