Tutorial: Using Firefox/Firebug to Tell Web Stories

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  1. […] was able to do this by following the instructions listed here. I used fireshot to capture the screen shot (I kinda wish i knew of this nifty lil thing much […]

  2. […] head start see the video about how to execute this assignment here and the very detailed tutorial here. You can see some ideas and the vision of this assignment on Jim Groom’s blog here, before […]

  3. […] you’ve been working with a Twitter page to complete the DS106 web storytelling assignment, you’ve probably run into a problem. Basically, Twitter has an interface feature that hides […]

  4. […] Special thanks to Martha Burtis’s great tutorial! Like Unlike Tweet […]

  5. […] the great tutorial that made it all so easy. Wow! Crazy huh? I know. If I am to understand this right, I can take any […]

  6. […] Update: Also see this excellent tutorial created by martha to make it that much […]

  7. […] rewrite the page to tell a new story. I’ve put together a tutorial for this assignment here: Firebug Tutorial. In addition, here’s a video of the session I led with Jim’s class this […]

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