Mar 24

Week Eleven Assignments

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  1. Melanie

    A note about context: I wanted to point out (because I’m not sure it’s clear) – that I’m mostly talking about K-12 education, not post secondary (where educators enjoy a far greater amount of academic and individual freedom than those at the elementary/secondary level — where students and teachers obey far stricter conduct policies. Just the fact that high school students here in my province still have to stand at attention each morning for the national anthem (regardless of their personal feelings about mandatory nationalism), ask to go to the bathroom and otherwise have limited freedom of movement or expression (similar to teachers). Profs can drop the odd F-bomb and nobody blinks. For a teacher to do so (or even show content with these words) can result in disciplinary action, outraged parents and etc. K-12 is a very different world from that of the university.

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