Playlist Story

So some of you guys might find this hilarious, some of you might find this pretty f***ed up, but this is what happens when you have some free time on your hands, feeling bored with a hint of lonely, and a lot of party music. Here goes… Last night i was In da Club, Tippin […]


Street View Story: Barney Rubbles Troubles

View Larger Map The year is 2525. The prime minister of England was planned to make an important announcement on national television. Barney Rubble and the rest of his fellow Englanders were waiting anxiously for the Prime ministers announcement. Barney worked as a caretaker of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The night before, Barney had […]


Playlist Poem

I took a stab at the “Stories written in Windows Media assignment.”
I don’t have that much music on my computer but as I was scrolling through, I picked up on a theme…


Four Icon TV Challenge

Ever since our kids were born, my husband and I find ourselves watching fewer and fewer movies — we just can’t commit to the two hours on a weekend night. There’s too strong a chance that I will fall asleep … Continue reading


The Big Caption

The Boston web page had some really interesting photographs, I thought the ones they had of the winter Olympics in particular were very cool. No Pun Intended. I’m not sure which sport this is, but here is a picture of a bunch of people jumping into freezing water. I never see this event in the […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry…


Minimalist TV/Movie Poster

For this ds106 assignment I had to look at the assignments submitted by anyone at this location and pick one of the submitted assignments (drop down menu) to do. I chose the minimalist tv/movie poster which is described as: [you] create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of…