Final Project: Chapter Six

Charlotte woke up in a sweat- she hadn’t dreamed the entire time they were in Cyprus, but last night the nightmare came back. Something was different this time though, after opening five or six doors- one of them actually led somewhere. She was lead into a room with warm light and pictures of Cooper all […]


Supplementary Post: Final Project: A Kubrickian Mashup, Proof of Authenticity

I chose to do this post not only as proof to my professor that I actually did my project myself, but also for my own self-satisfaction. I’m really proud of my mashup and it took me a lot of time and effort. I could have easily found a mashup on youtube and put ending credits […]


Final Project: Chapter Five

Charlotte was surprised at how much she was really loving her time in Cyprus with the girls. She and Julia got along great together and were already becoming best friends in just a few days. Charlotte loved having someone she could talk to- it felt like she’d known Julia her entire life. As the cashier […]


Final Project: Chapter Four

A long, six-hour flight wasn’t exactly what Charlotte had expected when she agreed to go on vacation for the weekend with Annette and her friends, but they were finally back on the ground in Cyprus. She still wasn’t completely comfortable with Annette’s friends Aira, Eliisa, and Julia but Charlotte hoped that over the course of […]


Final Project: Chapter Three

Another day filled with cold and ice. It was so hard for Charlotte to have a cheery outlook on life when everything she saw was so bland and unanimated. Outside her window children were playing, laughing as they built a snowman and knocked him down together. It felt nice to hear some hint of happiness […]


The key montage ingredient

So when making a montage video the most important aspect is the music… And as of right now we can’t decide what song to use. We want a good relaxed feeling song, hopefully something with a good guitar in it. Here are some of our options, let me know which ones you think would be […]


Teaser pictures

So we finally started making the video. We went out across the river and took some footage along some pretty good hills. I fell pretty hard, but I deserved it. I turned around and rob was just slowing coming down the hill cause i think he knew it would have been a bad idea. The […]


A three-part Minesterpiece

At last, the mineumentally minegnificent conclusion of Lost in Minecraft! We spent ALL FREAKING DAY finishing this puppy up, and it’s good to be done with it. Despite all the troubles we had putting this trilogy together, we are quite … Continue reading


Project update

Hey guys I’m really reluctant about revealing any content for my final project because it really is only one thing and is not in chunks. I am having so much fun and I am getting a really good understanding of Kubrick’s way of directing. The song that I’m using for the body of the work is […]


Final Project: Chapter Two

It all started the previous summer, back when things were normal. Charlotte used to be a normal 23 year old- fun, vivacious, and carefree. She wasn’t a stickler for the rules but she never really got into trouble either. Charlotte was your typical young woman. That summer she had finally decided to take a vacation […]


Final Project: Chapter One

Here’s my first installment of my final project. The pictures used were for Daily Shoot assignments 448-454. All images were found on flickr with CC licensing. For image credits, mouse over the images for the poster’s Flickr name. Her alarm went off, startling her awake from the same dream once again. She’d been having it […]


Final Project: A New Angle

I still really like my idea for the final project- but between working and classes it’s really hard to get the pictures done for the Daily Shoot assignments. I’ve decided to change from me taking the pictures to using the first picture posted on the Daily Shoot website for each assignment. At first I felt […]


Final Project

Finally a nice day!!! I am hoping today me and Rob can go shoot a little bit of film to show you guys the quality and give a little sneak preview of sorts to our final. Stay tuned!


Floundering around in YouTube

Half of this post is a success story! Patrick and I have uploaded the second chapter of Lost in Minecraft to YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/lostinminecraft#p/a/u/0/SaocE6HnoRI We are quite pleased with it, and we were able to make several improvements, based on input … Continue reading


Final Project: The Time Has Come.

So I’ve been pretty bad about starting on my final project. I have the idea, I have it all worked out for the most part- I’m just a horrible procrastinator. Now that the weather’s finally nice I should be able to get out more and take the pictures for DailyShoot without freezing (today doesn’t count.) […]