Charlie Sheen: The New Chuck Norris

So after going back and forth with one of my coworkers, we decided to make Charlie Sheen the subject of our ridicule just to pass the time. We made Charlie Sheen jokes. Chuck Norris Jokes: Chuck Norris brushes his teeth with barbed wire Chuck Norris could win a staring contest with the sun Charlie Sheen […]


Android Concerns

I know this is not really relevant to class or anything else like that, but I’ve had a number of customers at work and friends come up to me and ask me “why is my phone so slow”. I could go into a detailed explanation about how the apps always have to get processed through […]


I Can’t Believe The Audacity!

I’ve been having some trouble with Audacity. Whenever my audio files get too long in length, it always freezes up and doesn’t let me continue playback. Playback is really important because it lets me do necessary tweaks to the audio files I’m working with so they don’t sound all chopped up and screwed. It’s so […]


Zombies Did Die Tonight

We had our 5 minute radio segment played on DS106 radio. I don’t think it went over that well. Our music segment went too long. It took away from the experience. Our sound effects segment did go over well, but we’re far from done. I would like to go over the existing work, but I […]