First Week Announcements/Updates

CC: Some rights reserved by theparadigmshifter on Flickr

A couple of updates/announcements following the first meeting of the class:

First, on the domain registration/web hosting front: The cost per month with Cast Iron is $10/month. Again, you are welcome to go with another hosting company, but you’ll probably have to pay up front for at least a year (with Cast Iron you can pay on a monthly basis). I’ve updated the tutorial with this information as well as a couple of other clarifications. Please be sure to use this tutorial when you make your purchases — I don’t want anyone spending more money than they need to or spending money on something that won’t work. If you have ANY questions, please email me before spending any money!

Second, I’m going to add one more component to your assignment for this week so that we can hit the ground running next week. Basically, I’m going to ask you to connect your domain name to your web hosting account. But I’m going to wait a day or two to post that information so that you all have a chance to get the purchases made. Just be aware, that’s coming. An announcement will go up on this site at that point.

UPDATE: The additional assignment is available now.

Third, there was a question about Delicious. After you make your account, if you’re looking for the bookmarks that I’ve already created for the class, you can find them on Delicious at If you’re not seeing bookmarks, you’re probably looking at YOUR list of bookmarks for that tag. (The url for your own would be something like

Fourth, I’ve added a feature to the course Web site so that you can subscribe to posts on the site by email (the site also has an RSS feed if you use RSS: If you want to subscribe by email, check out subscription form in the sidebar. By default, you’ll be subscribed to the tutorials, announcements, and assignments. But after you subscribe, you’ll get an email with a link where you can customize the categories you subscribe to. You can subscribe to the Collective links and your classmates’ blog posts, but be aware this will generate A LOT of email.

I’ve added this feature as a convenience, so that you can stay up top of new stuff on the site. But I still expect you to regularly visit the site. I don’t want to hear that people didn’t know/understand an assignment because they didn’t get an email. So, if you have any doubts at all, CHECK THE SITE, ok?