Additional Week One Assignment

"Websites are More Than Code" Some rights reserved (CC) by cirox on Flickr

As announced via email and on this blog on Friday, I have one additional assignment I’m asking you to complete for this week.

Once you’ve purchased your domain name and Web hosting space, I would like you point the domain name to the host. This basically tells the domain registrar (for example, that your site is hosted with a particular web hosting service (for example, Cast Iron Coding.) I’ve put together a quick tutorial:

How to Point Your Domain to Your Webhost

It can take up to 48 hours for a domain to properly resolve to a Web host, which is why I’m asking you to do this before Thursday. Your best bet is to try and get it done sometime Monday or Tuesday so that your domain is working properly for class on Thursday.

For those who really want to get a headstart (this isn’t required, but if you feel like forging ahead this is the next step), once your domain is resolving properly, take a stab at setting up a WordPress blog. I’ve put together a tutorial for this as well:

Setting Up Your Blog.

And if you’re a SERIOUS overachiever, write your first post on your blog and include your animated gif attempt.

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