Week Three Assignments

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  • Choose a disciplinary story reading from this list (or find one of your own).
  • Write a post reflecting on the reading. How does storytelling influence the discipline covered in your reading? What are the components of stories/narrative that make it effective/useful/important to the discipline? What surprised (or didn’t surprise) you about the use of story in this discipline? tag: disciplinereading

Online Work/Exploration

  • Set up an account on Flickr (this is a Yahoo! service, so you can also link it to an existing Yahoo! account) Share your Flickr account info on the Class Directory
  • Look for a plugin for your blog to display your Flickr photos and install it/set it up.
  • Tune into ds106 radio.
  • Get on Twitter and make sure you are following all of your classmates. Follow the hashtag #ds106 to participate in the conversation happening across all the sections of Digital Storytelling.


  • Using the story you told in Week Two, choose at least one of the tools in Alan Levine’s 50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story site and retell your story. Share it on your blog. tag: web20story
  • Starting on Monday (1/31), begin participating in the Daily Shoot project. Upload all of your photos contributions to your Flickr account and tag them ds106, digstoumw, and the assignment tag (check the Daily Shoot site for these)