Week Four Assignments

CC: Some rights reserved by cygnus921 on Flickr

  • Readings/Viewings:
  • Online Work and Exploration:
    • Continue to explore Flickr. Upload some photos and try out the photo editing available through Picnik.
    • Continue adding links/items to Delicious for the Collective.
    • Download and install Audacity and the LAME MP3 encoder on your computer in preparation for the start of Audio assignments next week.
  • Storytelling:
    • Continue your Daily Shoot photos until Sunday, February 13.
    • Use Alan Levine’s DS106 Five Card Flickr Story generator and write a story around the images you get dealt. Share it on your blog. (tag: 5cardflickr)
    • Check out the submitted Visual AssignmentsDesign Assignments on the ds106.us site. Choose at least one and complete it for next week (tag: designpick AND the tags listed on the assignment itself).
    • Begin thinking/blogging about your final project topic (tag: finalproject).
    • Make sure you have purchased Radio: An Illustrated Guide by next week. (It is now available at the UMW bookstore.)

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