Week Four Updates/Announcements

Daily Shoot

I am still not seeing Daily Shoot photos for some of you. If your photos are still not showing up on the Daily Shoot pages on the course site (under “Daily Shoot” in the menu on our class Web site), then we have a problem — either you’re not tagging them properly (refer to the original assignment) or you’re not doing them or there is something wrong with your account.

  • If your tags are wrong: fix them in Flickr.
  • If you aren’t doing them: start now! Don’t bother trying to go back and do a week’s worth of assignments in one day to “make it up.” That’s not the point. At least try and keep up until the end of the DS assignment on Sunday. I’m more interested in seeing your commitment to the daily habit of thinking creatively than seeing you knock out a bunch of photo prompts in an afternoon.
  • If there is something else wrong (you are tagging properly but they are still not showing up on the course pages, let me know ASAP.)

Please make sure you are using a Creative Commons license on your photos. You can change it by just clicking the “Edit” link next to the license information when you are logged into Flickr and looking at an individual photo page.

Other Assignments

For the rest of your assignments, if they are not showing up on the assignment pages (designpick, 5cardflickr), then you are not tagging them properly on your blog. Please make sure you use the assignment tags (provided with each assignment in the weekly assignment post) when you complete your assignments. Go back and fix these on old assignments; the changes will take effect on the course site.

As you complete your designpick assignment, make sure you are also using the tags supplied on the original assignments on the main ds106 site. Without those tags, the rest of ds106 won’t see what you’ve done to complete those different assignments. Part of fostering the conversation is exposing our work in as many places as possible, and tagging is one vital mechanism for making this happen.

Class this Week

Class will be in Trinkle B-52, and you need to bring laptops and digital cameras.


If you are having trouble completing the work for this class, please take this advice:

  • If the trouble you are having is with a particular assignment, do not simply blow it off. Use your blog as a place to narrate the problems you are having. Are they technical problems? Are you having trouble getting inspired? Ask for help from your classmates, me, and the rest of DS106!
  • If you are having larger problems completing the work in the class, contact me! I am available on email, but the quickest way to reach me is usually Twitter.