Week Six Announcements/Updates

Class this week will be held in duPont 313. This is a rehearsal studio for theatre  that we’ll be using to meet with Jim’s section to do the live radio broadcast of groups’ five minute radio show segments. The broadcast will be for the first half of class. The second half of class, you will have the chance to work as groups on your longer shows. During this time, I’ll also be meeting with people one-on-one to talk about their current progress in the class.  We’ll be in duPont for this second section of the class, and you’ll be able to spread out in my department’s offices or in empty classrooms downstairs.

Before 5:00 tomorrow, you must upload your group’s 5 minute segment to the ds106 radio dropbox at http://www.dropitto.me/ds106. The password for this is “wejamecono” (no quotes). We’ll be pulling groups’ work down from here for the share-out during the live broadcast, so it’s important that you submit yours. We won’t get to everyone tomorrow night, but we’ll finish the roundup during another broadcast during the class after spring break. (I’ll be listening to every group’s 5 minute submission, however, over spring break, so every group has to submit it by tomorrow.)

I didn’t require you to do any blogging about/during this project, but I would emphasize that your blog is a great place to share how the process is going and ask for feedback. In fact, Patrick has already posted something about the assignment that I encourage you all to read: http://blog.digistori.info/?p=162. I’ve already left some feedback; you all should check it out, too.

I’m going to be posting an extra credit opportunity that some of you may want to work on over spring break (you’ll understand why when you see what it is). That’ll be going up on the course site later today — look for it in the rotating posts on the front page.

(This was also emailed to all students on 2/23)