Week Nine Assignments

CC: Some rights reserved by Shandchem on Flickr

  • Blogging:
    • Tune into ds106 radio and listen to at least two 30-minute shows over the weekend. (Check out the radio schedule here).
    • Write a blog post about your work and reactions to this assignment. I want to know about your work process, the challenges you faced, what you’re most proud of about your show, what you wish you could do over. I also want you to react to the show(s) you listened to and relate what you heard to your own experience with this assignment. Anyone who names their post “Radio Show Blog Post” or “Radio Show Reaction” automatically fails. 🙂
  • Technology Exploration:
    • Make sure you have Firefox and the extension Firebug installed on your computers before next week.
    • Continue to bookmark resources in Delicious!
  • Storytelling:
    • Complete and turn in your final 30-minute radio assignment by midnight on 3/11. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE FILE NAMING CONVENTIONS ON THE ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT!!
    • Begin work on your final project. I expect to see regular blog posts (at LEAST once a week) in which you share your progress. Use this space to showcase work as you complete it, ask for advice, and document your creative process. If you don’t have a final project idea yet, meet with me ASAP to nail one down.