Week Ten Assignments

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  • Technology Exploration
  • Storytelling
    • Complete the Web storytelling assignment that we started in class and share it on your blog (tag:webstories) Details about this assignment below. DUE DATE: Saturday, March 26th.

Web Storytelling Assignment Details

This week you’ll be using Firefox and Firebug to tell a story within an existing Web space. You must choose a site in which to stage your story and then you just use Firebug to intervene in the code and rewrite the page to tell a new story. I’ve put together a tutorial for this assignment here: Firebug Tutorial. In addition, here’s a video of the session I led with Jim’s class this Tuesday:

If you’re looking for inspiration: Jim has an example from a project that a former student at UMW did a few years ago on his blog post about this assignment. In addition, a commenter on Jim’s post linked to this Opera (the browser, not the type of music) contest in which readers did something similar.

Please be prepared: If you’ve never worked with HTML/CSS before, this project may be a bit daunting, so don’t leave it until the last minute. I’m happy to work with people one-on-one or in small groups next week, but make sure you email me to schedule a time.

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