Week Twelve (and Thirteen!) Assignments

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  • Technical/Online Exploration:
    • Keep adding items to the Delicious Collective!! We’ll be looking at contributions in class next week.
  • Storytelling
    • Create your own mashup or remix. Guidelines:
      • You can create your project using any (mix) of media: audio, video, images, Web sites, data, etc.
      • Your final product should significantly alter or challenge the original meaning of your sources.
      • You may work in groups. I need to know these groups by Monday, April 4.
      • You must be able to share your final product on your blog in some form. When you do so, you should reflect upon your creative process/choices and you must credit (and link to, if applicable) all of your sources.
      • You will be graded on the following:
        • turning the work in on-time
        • the originality of your work
        • how well you have integrated different sources ore reworked original sources to make a new meaning/story
        • your reflection and explanation of your choices and creative process
      • The project is due in two weeks (4/14/11), but you need to blog about what you’re doing and your progress by class next week (4/7/11). tag (for both progress report and final project):elmashup
    • Continue working on your final projects!! I should continue to see updates/progress reports at least once a week.

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